Disney FROZEN Snow Cap Punch!

Disney Frozen Snow Cap Punch!

This Snow Cap Punch is a perfect compliment to a Disney FROZEN Party!  I think it must have been everyone’s favorite thing because I kept getting compliments on this punch and the cups!

frozen punch 2  I made my own cups using clear plastic cups that were decorated using white fabric paint and glitter.  To make them just freehand a swirls and mountain design on the bottom of each cup and before it dries add a little iridescent glitter!  So fun!

Be sure to check out the Disney FROZEN Party post for more great ideas! 

Disney Frozen Snow Cap Punch!
  • Blue Hawaiian Punch
  • Lemon Lime Soda
  • Vanilla Ice Cream
  1. In each cup mix equal parts punch and soda. Add a dollop of ice cream to the top of each cup for the "snow"!


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  1. Geri says

    LOVE this punch idea as well as the cups! I tried to make the cups but the fabric paint ran and ruined the design. Any tips on how you did them?

    • says

      Hi Geri! Thank you! Sorry the cups didn’t work out. I used tulip brand fabric paint and had no problems with it running off. Hope that helps.

      • Tiffany Young says

        I want to mix the drinks in a punch bowl and just scoop out the ice cream as needed.
        How much of the punch and lemon lime drink would I use?

        • lauren says

          I too want to make the punch and would like to know the exact incriments. It looks yummy and the cups are so fun to make.

      • Geri Sarfert says

        Thanks! I initially used the Tulip glitter-only fabric paint which ran and didn’t come out white which was a mistake on my part! Came out beautifully with the Tulip white puffy fabric paint!

  2. Katherine says

    I want to make a bunch of these for my niece’s birthday party, but I’ll need to transport them. Any idea on how to transport them without getting glitter inside of cups (from stacking)?

    Thank you!

    • Geri Sarfert says

      I just put mine in a bag since you really can’t stack them well after painting them. I also didn’t use glitter on them since I knew I would be transporting them and it would probably get into the cups. They looked great even without it!

  3. janeen says

    thank you so much for being so kind and sharing such amazing ideas. I greatly appreciate it. this will help me in planning my little 5yr old’s frozen party. im sooo excited and cant wait..
    Super excited in Las Vegas

  4. Karlene says

    Hi, I was wondering how it would work to make the Snot Cap Punch in a punch bowl rather than all individual cups. I dont have a lot of space.

    Thank you,


      • says

        Snot Cap gave me a good laugh! Yes it will still work, but the ice cream would probably combine with the rest of the punch before you got iit to the cups… so the effect may not look quite the same, but it will taste just as good. Hope that helps!

  5. Jennifer says

    I was wondering what Font you used in this post for the Frozen words. I have the Disney font, but cannot find that particular Frozen font. Thanks

  6. Jeimy says

    I made the cups and they look lovely!! Thank you so much. As for transporting them, I am using the top of a box and just lining them up. My question is the following… Did they sit with the icecream? I want to set up the cake table and include the icecream effect but I am worried that it will turn yucky… Or will it be ok even if the icecream melts?

    By the way, thanks for the post :)

  7. Crystal says

    Hi, I was wondering what font you used for the Frozen Snow Cap sign? I saw that someone else asked but there was no reply. I am looking all over the place for it, too! Thanks!

  8. Maria says

    My daughter and I made these for a “girl’s movie night”. We used sheets of foam already covered with glitter and with a sticky back. Just cut out the shapes desired and stick. Works great! To stack…a tissue or a piece of parchment paper works great.

    • Maria says

      My daughter and I made these for a “girl’s movie night”. We used sheets of foam already covered with glitter and with a sticky back. Just cut out the shapes desired and stick. Works great! To stack…a tissue or a piece of parchment paper works great.

      Also, since the sheet’s came in different colors, we used a different color for each of the girls so everyone knew whose cup was whose. My daughter justified it by saying that there are different colors in the ice in Queen Elsa’s castle isn’t there? Can’t argue with 8-year old logic!

  9. says

    Hi Raquel okay!
    Honey I’m Brazilian and do not quite understand how to do this ponch, and gostraia whether you could teach me step by step and the ingredients just right so that I can do for my princess.
    I was delighted with your idea! I’ll make this theme for my princess who is 8 years in September.
    I look forward your reply! Thank you!

  10. says

    Greetings! Veryy helpful advice in this particular article!
    It’s the little changes that will make the most significant
    changes. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Angie Fowler says

    I was wondering how much of everything needed to make in a punch bowl instead of individual cups.

  12. jemma says

    Hello,, I was wondering if you can help me. Im in the UK & would really love to make these cups for a party so I was wondering if you might be able to give me some advise..

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