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Disney FROZEN Party!!!

Disney FROZEN Party!!!

Disclosure #shop #FrozenFun #cbias Disney Frozen Party  #FrozenFun, #shop, #cbias

Have you seen the new Disney movie “FROZEN“?  We saw it a few weeks ago and let me tell you…  I laughed, I cried, and then I cried some more because the theme between the two sisters really hit home for me!  We loved the movie so much I decided that we would throw a Disney FROZEN themed party for our friends and family!

FROZEN party! #FrozenFun, #shop, #cbias

The funny thing was that the day of the party really was “frozen”!  We had actual snow!!!  I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day!

Frozen toys at Walmart  #FrozenFun, #shop, #cbias

While planning the party I made sure to check out Walmart to see what FROZEN merchandise they had.  I was not disappointed!   They had a lot of  different options to choose from.  We bought something for every kid that attended the party!  We even got the huge castle which doubled as an awesome table decoration!!!

Disney FROZEN Toys  #FrozenFun, #shop, #cbias

Each girl got a mini Anna or Elsa figure that came with a change in outfit!  The boys got either Olaf or Sven the reindeer!  My girls love their new castle and dolls!  They play with it every single day!!!  We also love the books that we found and I catch my two readers reading them often!  Yay for good books!!!

FROZEN toy Anna  #FrozenFun, #shop, #cbias

The great thing about all the toys we found was that they easily doubled as table decor!  I just love how the castle and dolls looked in the completed tablescape!

FROZEN toy Elsa  #FrozenFun, #shop, #cbias

 To see more decoration ideas and what I used as a backdrop be sure to check out my post on the FROZEN Party Decor! 

Disney FROZEN Cake!  #FrozenFun, #shop, #cbias

 I thought up this cake while watching a preview for the movie!  The movie has beautiful scenery throughout and I just love the Ice Palace!  Since this was a “FROZEN themed party I decided on an Ice Cream Cake!   I think it turned out gorgeous and I love the touch that the candy “ice” adds!!  To see all the details and for the recipe check my post about the Disney FROZEN Cake!

Frozen punch11

We had Snow Cap Punch to drink… it looked and tasted so good!   I also decorated the punch cups too!  Check out the instructions in the Disney FROZEN Snow Cap Punch post! 

Disney FROZEN Jello "Ice" Cubes!   #FrozenFun, #shop, #cbias

 These Disney FROZEN Jello “Ice” Cubes were tasty and lots of fun!   They were the first to be eaten up!  To see the recipe check out the Disney FROZEN Jello “Ice” Cubes post!  FROZEN Snowball Cupcakes!  #FrozenFun, #shop, #cbias

These cupcakes are a fave of mine!  I made some last year for our neighbors at Christmas and thought they would be perfect to use for a FROZEN party too!  The secret to the tops is Cotton Candy!  Walmart usually has the white cotton candy around Christmas in the Christmas candy isle!  Check out the Disney FROZEN Snowball Cupcakes for the instructions!

FROZEN Olaf Snowman Donuts!  #FrozenFun, #shop, #cbias

Who could resist these cute little Olaf Snowman Donuts?  He’s one of my favorite characters in the movie and these treats are so fun!  Find out how to make them in the Disney FROZEN “Olaf Snowman Donuts post!

FROZEN Snowflake Cookies  #FrozenFun, #shop, #cbias

Next I made some snowflake cookies using a basic sugar cookie mix and sprinkled lots of glimmery sugar on top before baking!  They turned out so pretty!   I also bought some of these snowflake pretzels at Walmart which were pre-made.  I love how the plate of cookies turned out!
FROZEN Snowflake Crackers  #FrozenFun, #shop, #cbias

For a little more savory snack I used snowflake Ritz crackers with Provolone cheese cut with a snowflake cookie cutter!

FROZEN Snow Snacks  #FrozenFun, #shop, #cbias

I also took some metal buckets and filled them with  carrots or better known as “Olaf’s Nose”, white cheddar cheese “snowballs”, and ranch “snow” dip!  I also had some little chocolate candy snowman balls!

snowman activity  #FrozenFun, #shop, #cbias

We also had lots of fun activities at the party!   We made snowmen using styrofoam balls that were connected with a skewer.  Then we glued on eyes and stuck a nose in.  Then wrapped a ribbon scarf around his neck.  We also added buttons (brads).

snowman craft  #FrozenFun, #shop, #cbias

 I think they turned out so cute!  Plus it was fun watching each kid add their own touch to the snowmen!

snowball toss game  #FrozenFun, #shop, #cbias

Next activity really helped to get some of the sugar rush energy out!  We played a game of Snowball toss!  I took some white felt and batting and sewed them up into a ball.  It didn’t have to be pretty cause they would be thrown a lot!

snowball toss game  #FrozenFun, #shop, #cbias

All the kids had fun with this game!

The Princesses!  #FrozenFun, #shop, #cbias

We also had some special princesses come to visit us at the party!  They even helped the little girls get primped up in their own Princess dresses and fixed their hair!  Then we had a princess photo shoot!!!  It was a lot of fun!!!

The Princes  #FrozenFun, #shop, #cbias

The three princes had just as much fun posing too!  It was a wonderful day and I only wished that it lasted a little longer!

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  1. That’s adorable, Rachel! You put a lot of work into that and it looks great! Love your ice candy on the cake. Super cute!
  2. Wow, what a fabulous party you gave!! Everything is so creative, I love it all. How fun!! And the kids are adorable.
  3. Oh my, Rachel, this is amazing! So many adorable FROZEN-themed ideas! It looks like everyone had an amazing time! #client
  4. Thank you for your wonderful ideas. We’ll be doing our own twist on your darling cake. The candy was easy to make, thank you for super clear directions!
  5. Hi! Awesome ideas! What was used for the snowman’s nose and arms? What were the cotton balls in the picture used for? Thanks!
    • The snowman arms I used pipe cleaners… unless you are talking about the edible ones and I used pretzel sticks for the arms and an orange mike n ike for the nose. All the tutorials are linked up in this post… just scroll through and you should find the links. Hope that helps!
  6. i was wondering where can yyou get the things and where can i get the cake
    • In the post I linked up all the tutorials. Just click on those links and it will lead you to the posts that show you how to make the items. Hope that helps.
  7. Beautiful! What did you use for the “snow” on the table? Thanks!
  8. Ummmm…will you please come throw a Frozen party for me? pretty please?! I wouldn’t even know how to make blue candies…you rock!
  9. wow this is realllllll fun
  10. This is so amazing! I will definitely be using ideas for table design for our daughters party this month! Random question- what did you use behind the castle to get the blue/green hue?? Looks so much better than white on white! Thanks :)
  11. Hi! I love everything you included in your Frozen party, it looks so fun. Question, and sorry if I overlooked it, how did you do the backdrop? It looks like some sort of sheet with lights?
  12. This is amazing! I will be following your ideas for my daughters Frozen party. Where is the ice cream cake stand from?
  13. absolutely amazing! No other words.
  14. Thank you Rachel for such wonderfully, creative ideas! I plan to use some of them (especially the cake!) for my daughter’s Frozen party.
  15. What did you use to make the carrot noses for the styrofoam snowman?
  16. Looks absolutely adorable!! So much attention to detail. The Olafs have to be my favourite, oh, and the cake, and the ….

    I just had to add this to our Facebook page too, thanks for the inspiration!

  17. Lots of great ideas and a beautiful party. I can’t wait to use some of your ideas at my daughters birthday!
    Thank you for sharing!
  18. Rachel, thank you for posting your party ideas! I fall short in the creative area and I was wondering what you used for the main table/photo back drop? Was it the colored table covers that you can get at party city? What color is it?
  19. U did an amazing job. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your beautiful ideas step by step. I greatly appreciate that since I’m trying to plan my little girls party in April.
    Very thankful in Las Vegas
  20. Hi Sara,
    Awesome ideas! I love it. We are about to do a similar party and I was wondering what you did for party favors? I’m going to do the rock candy idea but need a few more things.
    thanks for any ideas!
  21. my grand daughter is turning 3 on June 2… she loves the movie Frozen so we are going to have a Frozen theme bday party as well.
    Your ideas are amazing!
  22. Thanks so much for the ideas!!! It looks awesome!!
  23. Hi, beautiful work. Question – What kind of cotton did you use to cover up the table?
  24. How long should it take the candy to set?
  25. laura Fletcher :
    Hi – just wanted to know what u Used for the polystyrene snowman’s nose? Love love love all of your beautiful ideas!!! Xxx
  26. You did such a great job! It looks like everyone had a great time. You came up with some super cute ideas!! My daughter’s birthday is coming up and she wants the Frozen theme and I was wondering what I was going to come up with for the party. So thank you for the ideas!!!
  27. I wanted to do my daughters birthday party and I love the Castle. Please if you can let me know where I can purchase a center piece like the one you have displayed.


  28. I loved everything you did, and copied it as much as I could with the time that I had. I blogged about it here, if you want to see how your instructions turned out for my daughters’ birthday party. I’ve left my link to my post about it (that I just finally got around to posting today.) I didn’t get pictures of the snow capped punch, but I did that too – and the kids loved it!.
    (doesn’t seem to want to let me hyperlink it, sorry!)
  29. These are absolutely fabulous ideas but I have to add one more. I just had a Frozen party for my 5 year old Hannah. We invited character lookalikes Elsa and Anna from a company out of Atlanta called Look alikes and Characters Entertainment!
    I was THRILLED with their Elsa and Anna lookalikes! I felt we stepped right into the movie these girls were so gorgeous and perfect! My daughter Hannah thought they were the real deal. I was so impressed with the performances of these girls as The Snow Queen and Princess from the movie Frozen! Elsa came out first and performed Let it Go! Then Anna came out with Elsa and together they performed For the First Time in Forever. I loved the themed games and activities! They even invited the girls to come up and sing Let it Go from the movie Frozen with microphone and music. I would definitely recommend this company especially Elsa and Anna look alikes!


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