{Rainbow} Yogurt Parfait!

Rainbow Yogurt Parfait2

The other day I was strolling through Walmart looking for things with rainbow colors.  I spotted these Rainbow Air Heads XTreme belts and knew that I had to make something with them!  Don’t they remind you of the 80’s?  They are pretty sour and so I knew that I needed something sweet/ sour or fruity to go with them.  I knew instantly that yogurt would be perfect!  Then  I had the dilemma of  how to make the rainbows stand out.  I didn’t just want to drop them in and call it a day.  My mini parfait glasses from Pier One were perfect.   The rainbow belts fit right around the glass.  I think this Rainbow Yogurt Parfait turned out SOOO pretty!  Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day!

Rainbow Yogurt Parfait!

 My kids gobbled these up! :)

{Rainbow} Yogurt Parfait!
  • Air Heads XTreme belts (rainbow colored)
  • Plain Yogurt (or vanilla flavored- I used plain unsweet, but you may like it sweeter)
  • Whipped Cream for top
  • Gold Stars from Wilton are optional
  • mini parfait or shot glasses
  1. Assemble the parfait by taking the Airhead belt and placing it around the bottom of the glass. You may need to cut it depending on the glass. Then fill with the yogurt and fill up to ¼ inch above the air head. Then place another air head inside the glass on top of the yogurt. Fill it with some more yogurt until you reach the top. Top with whipped cream and gold stars! Cute! Enjoy!


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