{Rainbow} BubbleGum Necklace

Rainbow Bubblegum Necklace

{Rainbow} BubbleGum Necklace!   This post is courtesy of Roy G. Biv.  You know… Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet, but it’s much easier to say Roy G. Biv ;)!

I like taking ordinary items and making them into something special.  A few years ago I made a Jellybean Necklace for my girls.  They really loved it!   I started thinking of other things that I could string on a ribbon and thought that bubblegum would be perfect!    This {Rainbow} Bubblegum Necklace is St. Patrick’s Day themed, but you can make it any color scheme that you want!

Rainbow Bubblegum Necklace

They were really excited about their necklaces, but even more excited to chew them…LOL!  They were like, “Mom, when do we get to eat them?” haha

What you will need:

Bubblegum balls.  We used 7 in rainbow colors

1/8 inch wide Ribbon- any color- I used gold

yarn needle

metal skewer (like the ones you use for K-bobs)

scroll down for the video tutorial and written instructions!

Rainbow Bubblegum Necklace

To make just take your metal skewer and twist it through the bubblegum balls through one end and going out the other.  Repeat with each gumball and then string them on the ribbon using the yarn needle that is threaded with the ribbon.  I like to tie knots between each gumball, but you can omit this part if you want.  Once all gumballs are on cut the ribbon at both ends and tie in a knot.  Make sure that you have enough room to fit over your child’s head.    Enjoy!

Aren’t these just too cute??? :)


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