Valentines {For the Coffee Lover}


Valentines {for the Coffee Lover}

I think Valentine’s Day Crafts/ ideas are my sickness.  I just can’t stop.  Someone help me before my whole blog becomes a mess of hearts, pink, red and cheesy sayings!!! AHH!!!

Okay… so I really love it. In fact it’s one of my favorite holidays to decorate other than Christmas! 😉   Another reason I love Valentine’s Day is because it is also my sisters birthday.  My mom always made Valentine’s Day a big deal and she would go all out for both of us every year.  I used to joke that I got presents for her birthday and mine! 😛  LOL   I’ve blogged a lot about Valentine’s ideas for kids, but here is one that I am doing for my hubby.  Just a coffee cup covered in red paper and some cheesy sayings!   I think he’s gonna love it!


Of course you can’t go wrong with coffee AND chocolate right?   Especially when Snoopy and Woodstock are involved!

Happy Valentine’s Day!   Tomorrow I will have a round up of all the craft ideas and then I am through with V-day… well maybe! 😛


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