The Real Thing {Sunday Morning Devotion}

It was about 5 years ago when I discovered the health benefits and overall pleasure of eating “real” or “natural” foods.  I started making green smoothies every morning, getting in 5 or more servings of veggies a day and doing my best to avoid overly processed foods.  It’s not that I didn’t eat “healthy” before, but my focus became more on how foods make me feel and how they taste.   The other day I was eating a turkey and cheese lunchable because it was convenient, easy and available.  (btw: I am not one of these people that thinks one convenient meal is going to knock me over dead or ruin all my health efforts- I just avoid them when I can.)  Overall it tasted good, but I did notice how “plasticy” the cheese was compared to the cheeses that I have become accustomed to.   The meat also lacked texture, but I quite liked the crackers…lol.   Anyways, this is really not a health post and I am not trying to shove my opinion about real food vs. processed foods on anyone, but my observations made me think of something spiritually related.

The fact is… when  I was young I loved lunchables.  Since developing my tastes toward more “real” foods I just don’t crave the processed foods as much anymore.  I still crave them every once in a while, but I’ve learned to appreciate the real thing so much more.  I’d rather enjoy the earthiness of a mushroom, the sweetness of a tomato, the  crunch of  a carrot, the tang of a lemon… you get the point.

In some ways I think our lives in Christ are like this.  I used to crave the things of this world much more than I do now.  When I was a young Christian the things of this world appealed to me more than my relationship with Christ.  I don’t want to make it sound like I am never allured by sin anymore, but it takes a lot more than a “plasticy fake” version of joy to reel me in now.   I am still affected by the plague of  sin because let’s face it… sin looks good from afar.   It reminds me of the aspartame or sucralose headache that I get after eating things sweetened by artificial sweeteners: it may have tasted good going down, but the side effects aren’t worth it!  I am learning, however,  that following Christ and doing the things that he wants me to do produces real joy and satisfaction that the “fake” can never offer.

Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it. Matthew 10:39

Just like eating real foods:  following Christ may take some effort.  You may have to chop, sweat, cut, peel, cook, clean and get down right dirty in order to eat “real” foods.  Sounds a lot like walking with Christ to me.  It’s not convenient or easy, but life with Christ is ALWAYS worth it.  I hope this encourages you today to seek more of the “real” in life.  Be blessed!

Thanks for listening and as always if you have any questions or just want to add to this… feel free to comment below.


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    It’s so true – when you look back at the things you enjoyed and did in the world you kinda think “how stupid”. I see a lot of worldy things as a real waste of time now! So nice to know that we are not of the world! :)

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