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{Valentine} Sprinkle Jewelry!

Valentine Sprinkle Jewelry 1-2

Sprinkles make everything better in my book!   This {Valentine} Sprinkle Jewelry necklace took me all of 5 minutes to assemble.  SO easy!   The hardest part was getting the wire into the cork, but this was made easy by using a 3 in 1 jewelry plier.

My girls adore these necklaces. They are so cute and you can come up with thousands of different designs just using different sprinkles!

What you will need:


Heart Shaped mini bottle with cork I found mine from Hobby Lobby

Jewelry wire pins

Jewelry Jump Rings


Super glue is optional but use the tiniest amount for the best results.


To fill up the bottle make a paper cone that will fit into the hole.  Then Pour the sprinkles inside until they reach the top of the heart.


Insert the cork and then insert a Jewelry Wire pin inside the cork.


Cut the pin down with a wire cutter or 3 in one jewelry pliers… leave about 1/2 inch.


Bend the pin around to make a loop with a 3 in one jewelry tool or round nose pliers.


Insert the other end into the cork.  Put a small amount of superglue on the cork to secure if needed.  String the bottle onto a chain and add a little charm if you want!

Valentine Sprinkle Jewelry-2

Sprinkles are fun!

Valentine Sprinkle Jewelry 2-2

What kind of sprinkles will you put in yours?

Valentine Sprinkle Jewelry 4

My little girl loves her new Sprinkle Necklace!  So cute!

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  1. This is the maybe the cutest thing ever! I LOVE sprinkles and this is such a fun way to get them out of the kitchen :) Pinned!
  2. These are so cute!

    What section in Hobby Lobby do you find the little bottles? I have searched everywhere at my Hobby Lobby and cant find them! :/

    • I found mine in the Jewelry section. The brand is Jewelry Shoppe and they were placed at the top of the section at my Hobby Lobby. Hope you find them!
  3. You’re killing me with these! I want them too!!!
  4. Awww…these are adorable! Thanks for linking them up—pinning! :)
  5. So charming! Love the tidbit I got in my RSS feeder that led me to the full post. Not your traditional snippet that gives you no info what so ever :).
  6. I love this SO MUCH. Perfect for Valentine’s Day, though I fully intend to make one and wear it all year long :)
  7. This is so cute!!! WOW!

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