{Valentine} Sprinkle Jewelry!

Valentine Sprinkle Jewelry 1-2

Sprinkles make everything better in my book!   This {Valentine} Sprinkle Jewelry necklace took me all of 5 minutes to assemble.  SO easy!   The hardest part was getting the wire into the cork, but this was made easy by using a 3 in 1 jewelry plier.

My girls adore these necklaces. They are so cute and you can come up with thousands of different designs just using different sprinkles!

What you will need:


Heart Shaped mini bottle with cork I found mine from Hobby Lobby

Jewelry wire pins

Jewelry Jump Rings


Super glue is optional but use the tiniest amount for the best results.


To fill up the bottle make a paper cone that will fit into the hole.  Then Pour the sprinkles inside until they reach the top of the heart.


Insert the cork and then insert a Jewelry Wire pin inside the cork.


Cut the pin down with a wire cutter or 3 in one jewelry pliers… leave about 1/2 inch.


Bend the pin around to make a loop with a 3 in one jewelry tool or round nose pliers.


Insert the other end into the cork.  Put a small amount of superglue on the cork to secure if needed.  String the bottle onto a chain and add a little charm if you want!

Valentine Sprinkle Jewelry-2

Sprinkles are fun!

Valentine Sprinkle Jewelry 2-2

What kind of sprinkles will you put in yours?

Valentine Sprinkle Jewelry 4

My little girl loves her new Sprinkle Necklace!  So cute!


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  1. says

    These are so cute!

    What section in Hobby Lobby do you find the little bottles? I have searched everywhere at my Hobby Lobby and cant find them! :/

    • says

      I found mine in the Jewelry section. The brand is Jewelry Shoppe and they were placed at the top of the section at my Hobby Lobby. Hope you find them!

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