Pop Rocks Mallow Pops!

pop rocks mallow pops

Valentine’s Day is one month away!!!  I have so many ideas… so hopefully I will get them all finished in time to share with y’all.  I’ll start out with the easiest of easy recipes:  “Pop Rocks Mallow Pops” !   They are so fun!    I may be 31, but I still love Pop Rocks after all these years and will make any excuse to eat them!  Last year the “Strawberry Pop Rocks Fudge‘ was a big hit so I decided to make something else with Pop Rocks for this year.   Even my hubby who is not a real big sweets fan went back for more.  There is just something exciting about exploding candy on a stick! 😉

pop rocks mallow pops 1

The other thing that we all loved about these pops is the fact that you can eat the stick!  We used Old Fashioned Candy sticks from Cracker Barrel!  Another idea for these is to wrap them up in cellophane and give them away for Valentine’s day with a little saying if you want…  I like the saying “You Rock, Valentine”!   So cute!

  • 12 Old Fashioned Candy Sticks (I used Cinnamon Flavor because they were red and pink)
  • 12 Large Marshmallows (I used the strawberry Flavored ones)
  • 4 packs Red Colored Pop Rocks (both watermelon and strawberry are red and you can buy them from the Dollar Tree 3 pack for $1.00)
  • White Candy Coating
  1. Stick the Candy Sticks inside the marshmallows almost the whole way through. Melt about 4 oz. of the coating in a small bowl. Fill another small bowl with the pop rocks. Take one of the pops and dip the marshmallow end into the candy coating. Then immediately dip the coated marshmallow in the pop rocks. Set aside and finish the rest of the pops in the same order. Enjoy!


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  1. says

    Well now…how AWESOME are these! I pretty much forgot about pop rocks until now. You never cease to amaze me with all of your awesome food fun and I am dying to make these!

    • says

      I have to admit that I thought the kids would like them more than the adults, but I think it was the other way around…LOL! 😛 Thanks so much!

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