Mini “Message in a Bottle” Necklace {Tutorial}

mini message in a bottle necklace 3-2

When I was little I had a friend that had all the cool magnets on her refrigerator.  Her mom had collected tons of little food product magnets that literally covered their fridge.  I loved looking at them when I would visit and I think that is where my obsession with mini things started.  There is just something fun about taking ordinary items and shrinking them down to mini proportions.  You would think I would outgrow it, but I still love love mini things!  (See my Pinterest board about mini sized foods)

I spotted these mini cork bottles at Hobby Lobby the other day and knew I just had to make something with them.  Crystal from A Pumpkin and a Princess shared a Message in a Bottle Valentine’s Day Craft and I just loved it.  I decided that these mini bottles would be perfect for a Mini “Message in a Bottle” Necklace!

mini message in a bottle necklace 2

They are super simple to make.  Just make sure that you get the bottles that are already fitted with a jump ring to hang on a necklace.

What you will need:

mini cork bottle for jewelry (found mine at Hobby Lobby in the jewelry section)

charms (optional- I found a cute key and heart charm I used for this)

teeny tiny beads (just make sure they will fit in the bottle)

Paper and pen to write message

thread (I used red)

necklace chain

jump rings large enough to fit on the necklace

Optional (super glue to make sure it stays shut)

mini message in a bottle necklace 4

Just roll up a tiny piece of paper with your message about half the height of the bottle.  Tie the thread around it once you have it rolled tightly.  You may need someone to hold the paper for you while you tie the thread.  Cut any extra thread off. Fill your bottle with a few beads and the rolled up paper.  Put the cork on it and you can also superglue the cork at this point if you are happy with how the inside looks (you only need a very small amount of super glue and  wait for it to dry before moving on).  Put a jump ring on the ring that is already on the cork so that it will fit on the necklace.  String it on the necklace and string on any other charms you want on there too.  Now it is ready to wear!

mini message in a bottle necklace What a fun way to send a message to someone you love!  My girls read their message before I put some superglue on the cork.  They love their new necklaces and I often catch them staring at the little beads and note in the bottle.  I guess I have passed down my love for all things mini to them! 😉

Do you like mini things too?  I will have another mini sized tutorial for Valentine’s Day coming up soon… I can’t wait to show it to you!


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    I love this idea. I was hoping to do something similar for my blog, but when i went to Hobby Lobby in December they were all out of them. Hopefully they will have more in stock tomorrow. Thanks so much for your fab post!

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      Don’t you just LOVE pick your plum??? I have to watch myself and I have to ignore emails every once in a while or I will spend way too much there!!!!

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