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Mini Bubblegum Machine Valentines! {Tutorial}

Mini Bubblegum Machine Valentines! {Tutorial}

Bubblegum Machine Valentine 2

My little girls LOVE bubblegum.  They would chew it first thing in the morning if I let them!   These Mini Bubblegum Machine Valentines are such a hit at our house!   They are SOOO easy to make too!  I feel a little redundant when I say that my projects are easy to make, but I like easy projects! lol   The great thing about bubblegum is that it lasts a really long time… so this gift can be enjoyed a little longer!   It also refillable!

What you will need:

Multicolored Bubblegum balls(I got mine at Walmart in a tub)

2 1/2 inch Plastic Fill-able Ornament   (the link will lead you to the one from Hobby Lobby- I found mine by all the glass jars in- store)

Red Paper Cups (I found mine from Hobby Lobby in the party section)

Metallic gray Scrapbook paper (Hobby Lobby)

Pastel pink (or any color you want) Scrapbook Paper for the ribbon message (Hobby Lobby)

Bubblegum Machine Valentine 1

The base of the bubblegum machine was made from a small red paper cup.  I placed a band around the cup where I needed to cut it.  Then I traced around the band onto the cup to make a line to cut on.  Then I just cut it out.


The little ornaments that I bought from Hobby Lobby (not a Christmas item- they were found by the glass jars) have a ring on the top.  I punched a hole with my scissors in the bottom of the cup and placed the ornament (already filled with bubblegum)  inside.  I taped it on the inside to secure.  (If you will be passing these out I would go ahead and place some tape to the seams to to make sure they don’t fly open!)  Then I cut out a little heart in a metallic gray and a ribbon shape out of pink and wrote “I Chews You!” on it!  SO fun!

Bubblegum Machine Valentine 3

The cutest Valentine ever!  It’s also gender-neutral!

Bubblegum Machine Valentine

Have a great Valentine’s Day!!!

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  1. SHUT UP, these are just to darn precious for words. I love originality! GREAT JOB! xo jen sharing on my FB page.
  2. This are so stinkin cute!
  3. What a great idea! I can’t tell how those ornaments open…I don’t see a seam?
  4. That is a brilliant valentine! I love the homemade bubblegum machine!
  5. RAD. Wow. That is ingenious — and a great idea! I’ll have to hunt down some ornaments now (not sure if they’ll have some at this time of year!
    • Thanks! The ornaments I found were not in the holiday items at my Hobby Lobby. I found these about 2 weeks ago and they were near the containers. Hope you can find them!
  6. This is an adorable craft and so original. Can’t wait to try it out.
  7. These are way too cute! My daughter choose these for her class. I went to hobby lobby and they had everything but the gum balls . Was it tricky getting the globes totally full instead of half full? Can’t wait to make these for my daughters class. Thank you for the inspiration.
    • Hi, Carol! That is so neat!!! The gumballs that I found are from Walmart and you can also find them at Toys R Us, The balls were easy to fill. I just put half in one side and half in the other and snapped them shut. Sometimes I had to take a few of the gumballs out if it didn’t shut, but it was much like filling an easter egg. Just remember to put a little clear tape on the seam so that they don’t snap open in transport! I hope everyone in her class loves them!!!
      • We made these last night. I can’t believe how fun and easy they were. This is an awesome project!!! Thank you
    • i think they are the most cutiest bubbli gum machine ever my kids love to eat bubble gum
  8. Genius! I don’t think I’ll tackle it this year for the 90 valentines I have to make, but these would be awesome for “special” valentines. Thanks so much for the tutorial. :)
  9. That is too cute for words!
  11. what a great idea -another one to make for my boys birthday party this year-love dee x
  12. Oh my word! These are adorable!!!


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