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diy Hand Stamped Jewelry!

diy Hand Stamped Jewelry!


I’ve been a fan of hand-stamped jewelry for a long time now.   I think it’s such a beautiful way to display names or initials of loved ones.   I wanted to give something special to my mother in law this year, and knew exactly what I wanted to make.   To be honest… I was a little nervous trying to do this on my own, but a trip to Hobby Lobby made it very easy for me!  They had everything that I needed and even a few tips!

DIY Hand-Stamped Jewelry 2

I grabbed a set of steel letter stamps.  I found these in the jewelry making section.  I picked a fun font (angelina), but they had several to choose from. I used a 40% off coupon too!  The initial cost is a little expensive if you are just planning on making one necklace, but if you use the stamps for more than one it will pay for itself!   I also bought a steel block, some small metal blanks (mine already had links on them) and also some masking tape.

DIY Hand-Stamped Jewelry 1

Since I am just starting out with stamping metal… I am only doing initials here.  As I get more experience I will show you how to make whole words and such, but the simple initial… was so easy!  I just laid the small metal blank on the steel pad (which had a towel under it) and taped it down.  I made sure that the part I was stamping was exposed.

DIY Hand-Stamped Jewelry 3

Next I took the stamp I wanted to use and carefully placed it on top of the metal blank.  With a hammer and a steady hand I pounded the stamp 2 times per letter.  You may be able to get away with one pound of the hammer, but mine needed two to get a good impression.  Just make sure not to lift the stamp up at all until you are done hammering.   Once the impressions are made use a sharpie or other black permanent marker to mark inside the letter.  Rub off the excess ink with a damp paper towel.  String the stamped jewelry on a chain and add a charm if you want.

It came out beautiful and my MIL loved it!

DIY Hand-Stamped Jewelry


~I am writing this post in honor of my favorite hobby store: Hobby Lobby.  I fully support their efforts to fight for freedom.~

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  1. Rachel,
    This is my next investment for my jewelry making arsenal. I’ve so wanted to give this a try for some time too. The necklace is lovely and I’m sure your MIL loved it and will cherish for many years!! Happy New Year!!
    Smiles :) Lisa
  2. Courtney Velasquez :
    I love stamped jewelry and never knew it could be so easy!
  3. I too have wanted to try this and I believe this will be my next project. I too fully support Hobby Lobby standing their ground for what is right!!!
  4. I been wanting to try this for sometime. Thank you for the instructions.
  5. Great tutorial and I am totally inspired to make these personalized, gorgeous necklaces :) Pinned!
  6. Where did you get the metal blanks you used?
  7. Beautiful necklace! I’ve done a bunch of stamped metal projects and I’ve never thought to tape down the tag … duh!!
  8. I have also started to try this but haven’t been successful. What mm and inch of stamps are you using. Ex 3mm/ 1/8 in! I also totally support hobby lobby! That’s for this tutorial.
    • TThe metal blanks are 10mm and the stamps are 3mm 1/8″ I have only been doing initials except for one word that I have done which wasn’t great, but it was acceptable.
  9. I have been looking for a tutorial like this forever! Thank you so much! Can’t wait to try it!
  10. This is great! I think I’ll be making some of these for Mother’s day gift for my sister. Love it!
    Thanks for sharing. And I love Hobby Lobby too! I support their stores whenever I can.
  11. It’s so beautiful, Rachel. I’ve been thinking about making a trip to the craft store; this gives me so many ideas and kinda makes me less afraid to try it.
  12. Mimi Hanna :
    I have tried this and really enjoy it…have even put names on blanks and applied to small boxes….I use blanks with no holes…am a strong supporter of Hobby Lobby…I hope they get more customers than they can handle!
  13. I have always wanted to try doing hand stamping. Might have to go on my list for later this year! We don’t have a Hobby Lobby (here insert sad face) but, maybe a kit online may have to be found. Yours turned out really cute!!
  14. I have been coveting these necklaces from the Vintage Pearl for months. Now I am going to make my own for myself and all my friends and family!
  15. Thanks for the tutorial! I bought some metal stamps a while back and have had a hard time finding blank charms to stamp. I forgot to check hobby lobby though. I’m happy to support this great store too!
  16. This will be my next project, but where do you get your metal blank and chains? Thanks
  17. I have read so many articles on the topic of the blogger lovers however this post is genuinely a nice piece of writing, keep it up.


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