Chocolate Strawberry Cake! {w/ Kit Kat rim}

Chocolate Strawberry Cake 2

(This cake can be scaled down to serve just a few or can be made for a crowd…. it’s sure to please!!!)

Growing up I watched my mom spend hours baking and decorating cakes for friends and family.  She made wedding, birthday, baby shower and every kind of holiday cakes!   I know for sure that my mom played a big role in my love for creativity.  When I was older my mom taught me how to decorate cakes and recently we decorated a couple of wedding cakes for my Uncle’s wedding!  My mom made the Bride’s cake and I made the Grooms cake.   I have always loved Chocolate covered strawberries for a Groom’s cake.  I decided to change it up a bit this time with the Kit Kats going around the outer edge of the cake.  I had seen some candy cakes made with the bigger KitKats, but I used the mini Kit Kats for this.  You may wonder why I left the kit kat part facing out… the other side is really not great for this cake.  So if the words Kit Kat bother you then don’t bother with this cake! 😉  I really love the dimension that the Kit Kats add… so pretty!

This may just be the best  Chocolate Strawberry Cake and (believe it or not) it’s incredibly easy to make!  (note that dipping strawberries is a little time consuming, but easy!)

Chocolate Strawberry Cake 1

What you will need:

Strawberries (I used 2 large boxes for a 16 inch cake)

Melting chocolate

make a homemade from scratch cake or just use a chocolate cake mix and ingredients from the box (or two if you are making a bigger cake)

chocolate butter-cream icing (I will have one on the blog soon, but until then I suggest this one)

I started out with 2 chocolate cake mixes and baked them according to the directions.  Depending on the size cake you want you will need enough to fill your pan.  Since this was being served at a wedding we needed a lot more, but a smaller sized cake will do just fine too.  Make sure that the sides of the cake you are making is 2 inches tall.  That seems to be the perfect size for the mini Kit Kats.   After the cake was finished baking and cooling I iced it with chocolate buttercream.  Then I started placing the Kit Kats around it.  There isn’t really any trick to this.  I needed 11/2 bags for mine.  I “think” my cake pan was at least 16 inches around.  So you may need more or less depending on the cake!   I also piped a row of buttercream on top of the Kit Kats to give it a more finished look, but you can omit this part and it would still look great.   Then I topped the cake with chocolate dipped strawberries! Yummy!  Just dip the strawberries in melting chocoalte and place them on the cake.  I worked from the outside in.    To get the strawberries to mound up on top I made a “hill” of icing.  This seemed to work better than trying to stack the strawberries.

Chocolate Strawberry Cake

So pretty, delicious and yes…even easy!!!

Want to see the awesome Ruffle Wedding Cake my mom made??? Well… here it is…

Chocolate Strawberry Cake 3

My Aunt and Uncle had a beautiful wedding and I am so glad they let us be a part of it!!!  They loved their cakes too! 😉


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      Thanks, Randi! We have fun making cakes. She always says that “This is the last one” though because of her arthritis, but she fights the pain to keep making them!

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