DIY Girly Elf on a Shelf!

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Have you seen the “Elf on the Shelf”?  I think it is such a cute idea!  Since I have 3 girly girls and because I like to make everything myself… I decided to make our own Elf on a Shelf- girlified times 3!!!  They do make and sell the “girl” version of the Elf on a Shelf, but I just LOVE this version… she ended up being so cute!

DIY Girly Elf on a Shelf
What you will need:

Some type of doll that could pass as an elf… I used the Disney “Rosetta” one of Tinkerbell’s friends for this, but there are also fairy Barbie’s that could work well too… Rosetta has the perfect pointy elf ears!!! AND she was on sale (of course) for $8.99 at Target
1 holiday sock (found mine at Target)
white pom poms small and extra small
needle and thread

As I looked around for the perfect doll that could pass as an elf… I noticed that Rosetta’s dress was red and although it had pink on it… it worked very well once I added the socks.  The socks I found had a fur cuff, so I figured that could wrap around her arms.  So I cut off a few inches past the cuff… then cut out just enough material to make some sleeves like in the pic.  I sewed the sleeves then it went right around her arms (I did trim the fur and I used that for the hat)!  Next I made a simple hat using the sock material… it was easy- I just sewed a triangle.  Then I sewed some of the leftover fur to the hat, sewed a pompom on the end and then sewed the hat into her hair!
Next came the leggings… I just cut two pieces and sewed them into tapered tubes to fit her legs…
Lastly I glued tiny pom poms to her shoes to make them look more elfish… So cute!!!

We love our new Girly Girl Elf on a Shelf!!!  Now she can have fun getting into mischief… 😛
Happy Creating! 
Here is the Rosetta doll like I used:
 Disney Fairies Tinkerbell and the Pixie Hollow Games ~ 9'' Rosetta
Here is  a Rosetta doll (affiliate) that looks “Christmasy” if you don’t want to DIY
Disney Fairies Secret of The Wings Fashion Doll - Rosetta
Here is a pretty Rosetta doll (affiliate) as well:
Disney Fairies Fashion Doll - Poppy Rosetta
Another idea is to use a Tinkerbell (affiliate) or any of her friends (affiliate) since they have the elf ears too:
Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue
Disney Fairies SYLE 3 - Silvermist 9" Feature DollDisney Magic Glow Fairies: Iridessa 4.5 Inch Doll



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  1. Alicia @ littlesprinklesoffun says

    I absolutely LOVE this!!!! I have not jumped onto the Elf on the Shelf wagon…but you did a great job with her!

  2. Partycraft Secrets says

    I love this idea too – I found your picture on pinterest – it's just that my warped mind thinks that the elf on the lampshade just pooped an icecream!

  3. LeighAnn says

    OMG!! I have got to try this next year! My girls would love it and the Elf on the Shelf is so expensive.

  4. says

    You really should sell these on Etsy. I just went on and NOTHING compares to yours! I am not a DIY person but have two girls and NO boys… Would love to have her instead of my Elf boy that comes with a skirt…

    • Rachel says

      I may sell the clothes if I find the right supplies and time! Thanks for stopping by. I included some links to some alternative pixies!

      • says

        Did you ever buy the supplies to make and sell the clothes on Etsy?? I bought Christmas looking Rosetta but my girls are smart, they might figure out it’s her.. Ha! would love to change up her clothes…

  5. Amanda says

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR POSTING THIS!!! I have been wanting to start the Elf on the SHelf tradition this year. (My daughter will be 2 & stepdaughter will be 5, both in November, so I think it’s the perfect time to begin.) I just couldn’t justify spending $30+ on the “real” Elf on the Shelf though! (He isn’t very cute either…he’s actually a tad creepy looking if you ask me HA) This is such a wonderful idea, and I would’ve NEVER thought to do this!! Thank you so much for sharing!! The girls are gonna love this!

  6. Melanie says

    Love this! Going to go buy one this weekend. However, what about the book? Did you get the nook addition, or just not worry about the story? I would be fine with the book on the iPad, but want to read the story to my kids.

    • Rachel says

      I didn’t get the book yet, but I just made up a synopsis of my own in a way… but that is a good idea to get the nook addition or book to go along with it.

  7. Jackie says

    Thank you so much for this idea! I found a $6 Rosetta doll (a little different from yours) and with some felt and my glue gun, she is already for Christmas! I can’t wait for my girly daughter to meet her,.

  8. Crystal says

    I LOVE this!!! The other elf on the shelf is so plain and boring….this one has stlye and jazz!! lol going to get the stuff tmrw!!!!! Think I’m gonna type up a note and leave her on the porch the first night explaining to the girls who she is!! THANKS soooooooo much for this idea!!!!!!!! While everyone else will be posting pics of their regular old elf on the shelf, I will be posting pics of my diva elf!! lol perfect for my diva daughters!! YOU ROCK!!

  9. Tina says

    I just finished this for my little 3 year old Granddaughter. My daughter asked me to put her together and I’ve been soooo very busy with work, a broken foot, trying to get wildlife pens ready for an inspection the day after Thanksgiving….not the mention getting ready to cook Thanksgiving dinner for about 20 people. So I set the doll aside for about a week and decided last night that I ‘better get it done’ and tackled it like just another chore to do. But after sewing up the first legging I really got in to it and tonight she’s almost done, but I didn’t do a ‘jacket’ style top, just sleeves with a fur cape and tomorrow I plan to add either some mini pom poms to the edge of the cape or possibly a little ‘glitter’ bling of some kind. She’s adorable! My Isabelle will the thrilled:) Thanks for the tutorial!

  10. Crystal says

    What a great idea!!! I’m so happy I found this. I’ve been keeping an eye out for a cute little elf for awhile now being as I’m too cheao for the Elf in the Shelf or Christopher Pop-in-Kins. My only concern is, are you worried about your children seeing the Rosetta Barbie and catching you? My girls love Tinkerbell and they may even recognize this new elf as Rosetta from the movie, but I’m afraid if they see the doll at the store (in the same dress), they’d likely catch on. I know my eldest (7) would definitely have questions

    • says

      My girls last year were 4 and 6. They actually helped me dress her and helped me pick her out. They know it’s all pretend and they still have fun waking up seeing what she has been up to every night.

  11. Mindy says

    I made my own from a Tinkerbell doll after finding yours on Pinterest… what a great idea! Took me 2 hours, but I love her, and can’t wait til she makes her debut on Dec 1 :)

  12. Jammye says

    I am so excited about this project. I have been wanting to do the Elf on The Shelf story for the last couple of years, but the price is so high, so I am excited to get something budget-friendly! Thank you

  13. Natalie S says

    Thanks for your inspirational post! We have 3 girls too (13, 4 and 3). Our 13 yr. old will be helping us set up “Snowflake” (name our girls gave our Elf) every night. If you can find me on Pinterest “Natalie S” and go to my Holidays {Christmas: Elf on the Shelf Ideas} you can see the little outfit I made for our elf. It was so easy to do and so much fun! 😀 At first my 4 1/2 yr. old kept saying, “It’s just a toy. It’s from Tinkerbell. It’s not an elf.” to her older sister. But we slowly convinced her that yes, she is a toy but she is a special one that has magical powers that reports back to Santa. Santa gave her the magical powers. Now she is making offerings to her, bringing her pictures and cookies she made for her from their little play kitchen. She has been talking to her all morning long as she sits on our bookshelf next to a Christmas house (to keep an eye on them!) 😀 So thanks again!!

  14. frances says

    cute. i decide to make our own too, do to crazy prices, i figured i google before i plan, and man, i was thinking a monster high doll. i never thought of tink & friends, now i’m regretting leaving a tink at the thrift store ($1!) and love the use of a sock!

  15. Shelly says

    I just made one and I love it. Thank you so much for your inspiration and instructions. I don’t see if I can post a picture. Oh well, I love it all the same.

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