Jelly Bean Necklace (Crafts with Jelly Beans #1 of 3)

 Chewy, fruity and gooey on the inside.  Hard candy coating on the outside.  It’s the shape and size of a kidney bean, but in all the colors of the rainbow.
What is it?
A Jelly Bean!
Of course my favorite thing to do with them is eat them, but I found a few other ways to enjoy them.  This first craft is a big hit with my little girls…
 Jelly Bean Necklace

What you will need:
1 package of Jelly Beans- mine are Lifesaver Brand Pastel Jelly Beans $2.50 (Walgreens has a coupon in their April book so these could be cheap)
one roll of ribbon- mine is from Hobby Lobby they are having a 50% off of ribbon by the roll this week!  $1-$2
2 needles

total cost $3.50 or less  and this will make several!!!


Thread the needle (single thread)  and start threading the jelly beans- leave about 6 inches of thread on each side of the jelly beans .  You will have to poke through them- so be careful.  This is an adult project!  The needle will get sticky, but I had no problems.  Just scrape it off if it gets gooey.   You will use the first needle for the jelly beans only.  Switch to the other needle for the rest of the project.
Put the thread in the 2nd clean needle and sew a 12 inch piece of ribbon to each side of the necklace. (same thread different needle!)
Now take two 7 inch pieces of ribbon and tie them where the ribbon meets the jelly beans.
So Cute!!!
Tasty Too!!!
Happy Creating!  Come back tomorrow for another Creative Craft with Jelly Beans!


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