5 Ways to Re- Purpose Jeans: #1 Jeans Bunting

I love jeans!  No pajama jeans for me… give me the real deal!  Boot cut, capri, flare, skirts and overalls- what can jeans NOT do? Jeans do wear out though… and often the styles will change.  Below is a pic of myself in my acid wash jeans from the early 90′s… maybe I should have saved them.  I hear they are making a comeback.. or not- well at least I hope not exactly that style!!!
So I have come up with 5 ways to re-purpose those old jeans and give them new life!
 # 1 Jeans Bunting

What you will need: 
old jeans the darker the better- free
hot glue
1 roll ribbon 3/4 inch width- Hobby lobby has 50% off Ribbon rolls this week!  with savings : $1.00
Clorox bleach gel pen- about $3.00  (coupon anyone?) make sure it’s the gel!
freezer paper: about $3.00– you will have plenty left over for the freezer or other projects

Total cost: $7.00


Cut into the jeans and make enough triangles for your wording… I used “family”
 Trace some letters and cut them out of the freezer paper.
 Iron on the freezer paper letters to each triangle.  Take your bleach pen and apply bleach to the open space.  Let this dry for at least 30 minutes… I put mine in the sun also.
 Next hot glue the triangles to the ribbon… you can leave a space between each one or have them all together.
Make some ribbons to glue to the end of the bunting…
 Put it all together… then you have your trendy Jeans Bunting!
 I really love how it turned out.  I like the fact that the bleach faded each letter differently…. gives it so much character.

Come back tomorrow for Project Party weekend and another great way to re-purpose old jeans!
Happy Creating!


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  1. Leslie says

    That is so cute! I love it. I used that same ribbon for Paige's bulletin board I just made for her 😉

  2. Liberty says

    I LOVE it! I just used a pair of my son's old jeans to make a burp cloth. I think it turned out cute. :) I'm going to have to use your idea for the other leg!

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