Flavored Lip Gloss Tutorial

Confession: I have very dry skin and lips.  In the winter they get really bad… so bad they sometimes bleed.  OUCH!  I was thrilled when I discovered this really easy way to make lip-gloss at home.
This lip-gloss will leave your lips shiny and keep the chap away!   I found these cute little heart containers at the dollar spot at Target (love Target!).   Want to know how to make your own?
Homemade Lip Gloss

What you will need:
3/4 cup crisco or palm oil (palm oil melts at about 90-95 degrees and is non hydrogenated)
2 packages of Kool-aid (any flavor will do- I used cherry and strawberry)
8 small containers with lids (mine were at the dollar spot at Target- wash a clean before using)
stickers or other decorations
microwave safe bowl
spouted bowl or measuring cup for pouring

Wash and dry these thoroughly…
Melt the Crisco- it took about a minute in my microwave.
Mix in the Kool-Aid (some of it will float to the bottom… try not to obsess over it like I did- once poured it will be just fine!)
Pout into the containers (it helps if you use a spouted bowl to pour)
Add stickers…
Wait about 15 minutes and it will be solid.. ready to use. Simple and inexpensive!!!  Now try to refrain from eating it… you know you want to! 😛

Happy Creating!!!

It’s that time again for Project Party Weekend.  Everyone has just blown me away with all the creative things you have come up with.  Thanks again for linking up…I would be honored if you grabbed one of my buttons to display so others can join in the party.  Thanks!

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  1. Sherry from Alabama says

    I've been looking for a simple lipgloss recipe! Thanks for the instructions. I'm glad you dropped by my blog with an invitation to join in the party. I'm adding the links for my soap making and slipcovers.

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  2. Malea says

    Thanks for the invite to the party! :) I've added you to my followers list and your button to my blog :)

  3. littlewondersdays says

    This is such a cute idea. What girl wouldn't love to make or get this as a gift! Thanks for the invite to the party. My "Happy Friday Night" party is starting at 5:00 tonight if you want to join :)

  4. Coley says

    Thanks for the comment and party invite! :)

    Love your lipglosses. How cute would those be for Easter in Easter eggs?!?

  5. Jaime @ Our Journey says

    This is so great! Found you through Tatertots and Jello. Love your blog; I'm a new follower and linked up my Jewelry Tree to your party!

  6. Jenny says

    That is a great idea and you made it look so easy! I wonder if you could use coconut oil for that. I love lip balm and it would save me a lot of money to make it myself. I could probably even round up some empty containers to recycle :-)

  7. LambAround says

    I love the idea of making my own lip gloss, free of all those icky chemicals in the commercial ones.

    I linked up! If you get a chance, I'd love for you to swing by my weekend blog hop. You have some marvelous posts here :)

  8. Kelli @ WhimsiKel says

    Thanks for your sweet comment and invite! I linked up my pillow round-up and the post I just put up with a little how-to on a cake I just made. :)

  9. Santa's Gift Shoppe and Ideas says

    Just stopped by to say Hi & thought you might be interested popping by with some of your great ideas to my Monday & Wednesday Blog Hops (both different ones)Would love to see ya..

  10. Crystal says

    Thanks for posting this, my daughter and I just made the lip gloss and I love it! I will be doing a post about this and will be sure to link back to you!

  11. Stephanie Smith says

    This is great and simple. I might have to try this for my daughter's birthday sometime.

  12. Tammy @ she wears flowers says

    I love this idea–it seems strange to put Crisco on your lips, though. Does it really work?? I'll have to try this!!

  13. Rachel {BubblyNatureCreations.com} says

    @Tammy- It's really very moisturizing! I have several others that have tried it and they like it too… hope that helps! Let me know what you think!

  14. Lynn says

    Thanks for visiting my blog and the invite. I missed it for last week but will definitely be linking up this week!

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