A little intro for my new blogging friends….

Hi! It’s me… Rachel.  I am daughter #1 of three.
I have a spot on my front tooth… its a birthmark not corn.  (Just in case you wanted to know) 😛
 My wonderful husband and the icing to my cupcake.  Known to everyone else as “Pastor Donny“.
This is us on our wedding day!  Look at the little “kids” we were!  We have been married almost 10 years now!  Next to Jesus he is my everything.
 Our adorable little girls. “Baby Love” in green, “Karebear” in purple, “Pinkie Pie” in pink and “Hudmuffin” in blue! :)
 Out of all the things I want to be remembered in life…  I want to be known for this one:
And this one:
 And maybe a little bit of this one:
 Hope you enjoyed this little tidbit of me.  Please don’t hesitate and introduce yourself.  I love meeting new people.  I am so honored to have you here!


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