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A little intro for my new blogging friends….

Hi everyone!  I am just beyond happy that I have so many  beautiful people that think my little blog is worth being read.  You really make my day!   You may be wondering why I named my blog “Bubbly Nature Creations”.  I first started this blog in 2008 as a way to document my journey to making soap.  I had 2 followers… it was great.  I made a few batches of soap and they were really good.  I named it bubbly nature since soap is bubbly and everything I used was natural.  The name just “stuck” and here I am today!
Here is the “dreamcicle”soap that I made!  It smelled wonderful
You kinda need a kitchen to make soap in though… bummer… Our kitchen sink started leaking a little. It became a really huge problem because we uncovered years and years of rotting wood underneath our kitchen counter.  For the next year of my life my kitchen was a constant “process”! Yuck!
We did finish the kitchen.   I love it now… more than ever!
That is the external stuff… THIS is my life…
Hi! It’s me… Rachel.  I am daughter #1 of three.
I have a spot on my front tooth… its a birthmark not corn.  (Just in case you wanted to know) :P
 My wonderful husband and the icing to my cake.  Known to everyone else as “Pastor Donny“.
 Look at the little “kids” we were!  We have been married almost 7 years now!  Next to Jesus he is my everything.
 Our adorable little girls.  Pinky Pie to the left and Kare Bear to the right.  (and yes those are nicknames :))
 Our newest addition: Baby Love.
 Out of all the things I want to be remembered in life…  I want to be known for this one:
And this one:
 And maybe a little bit of this one:
 Hope you enjoyed this little tidbit of me.  Please don’t hesitate and introduce yourself.  I love meeting new people.  I am so honored to have you here!

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  1. Loved this!!! Love your blog!! You are so talented. And you are not ashamed to give God the glory. :) I would love to meet you and your beautiful family in person one day. Keep inspiring us. Huggs!
  2. KJ@letsgoflyakite :
    You have a beautiful family and kitchen. This was a wonderful introduction to all the happiness and creativity in these parts!
  3. I'm Ashley :
    You are so cute and your family is so cute as well! We have so much in common, I am glad we are blogging friends:)!!
  4. Great reading about you and your family. It is nice to see that you love the Lord! We certainly have had a bunch of snow in Tulsa!
  5. gypsyroxylee :
    Lovely introduction and beautiful family! I enjoy visiting your blog every chance I get!
  6. Hello Rachel! Amazing blog and you have a beautiful family! I'm Zura from Malaysia, nice knowing you and thank you for dropping by my little blog too! I'd love to learn soapmaking, I just have to figure out where to find the ingredients over here first :)
  7. billie monster :
    Hi Rachel! You have yourself a beautiful family girl! I'm turning 30 this year too (next week in fact)…I'm not too sure what to think of that, but YOU look amazing for almost 30 – wowzers!

    ~ ~

  8. Hi Rachel! I just found your blog today, great craft ideas! The fiestaware also caught my eye. I have a bit of an obsession oops I mean collection of it myself. Thanks for sharing!
  9. taidyeoriginal :
    Rachel, where do you live? We must get to know each other better!
  10. I loved this! Brought tears to my eyes!!


  11. I would love to know how to make those skinny pedal flowers for the head bands. There is a leather place in china that sends leather seat covers by the boxes, maybe you could have them sent to your church, but you could make a lot of head bands from a box :} Kathy
  12. Just found your blog! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!! You are extremely talented, and I am having so much fun exploring all of your blog posts! What a fun mommy you are! Thanks for the inspiration! Hope you have a fantastic 2012!
  13. I love your introduction :-). What a beautiful family! And you look gorgeous in the dress. Skinny jeans are quite over-rated
  14. Awesome blog you’ve got here. I love your “bubbly” style and the light you shine. Look forward to reading about and trying more of your fabulous ideas!! Be so very, very blessed.
  15. You are adorable!!!! :) Love you and your family is so cute! Annnnd don’t worry 30 isn’t THAT bad! ;)
    • I guess I should change that because I am 31 almost 32 now! LOL Thank you, Ginger. Love you and your family as well. So glad that I have you as my friend!
  16. Love that! I love seeing a little glimpse into you!
  17. Great post, Rachel! Love you! :)
  18. Wow!! Just found your blog and what a refreshing change it was to see your joyful attitude, talent and love for Jesus just shine through my computer screen. Definitely going to try a bunch of your ideas and remember you and your family with a smile. By the way…nice to “meet” you! :)
  19. We like it so much I love you too
  20. Thank you
  21. Hello Rachel,
    I absolutely LOVE how you did your Frozen Party and you have given me many ideas! I love your blog and your family is so beautiful, may God continue to use your gift as a beautiful way to worship him and in sharing with others! God Bless



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