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Ballerina Onesie {Salvage an old Onesie}

Ballerina Onesie {Salvage an old Onesie}

Don’t throw that stained onesie away!  There are many things you can do to cover up common “offenders” of onesies.  Old spit up stains, poopie “blow out” diaper stains (you mom’s know what I mean by this!) and the many other things that little ones can do to a common onesie!  This particular onesie had little stains at the top and at the bottom… I didn’t have a reason to get rid of it since I use the stained ones anyway, but I wanted to see if I could fix this one up a bit more since  it had been through 2 other girls and is about to go through 3!  Here is what I came up with, and I am sure that you all have some great ideas too… so if you have a link to a onesie “redo” please hook me up!

Supplies for the “ballerina” onesie
Old Onesie (Mine was newborn size)- preferably stains that are in areas easy to cover up!
ruffles or rosettes- found mine at Hobby Lobby- I used 1 yard which was “just enough” for the newborn size, so you will need more for a bigger size onesie  (it was 5.99 a yard, but I used a 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby- they do this promotion a lot!)

Grosgrain Ribbon 7/8 inch
Thin Grosgrain Ribbon  (not sure the size, but any “thin” will do)
Needle/ Thread/ Sewing Machine

Time to get started!

First asses your onesie.. make note of where the stains are!
I made sure that my ruffles covered everything up except on the sleeves which I was going to get rid of anyway.
Now it’s time to start sewing!  The Zig Zig stitch works best- because this will need to stretch!    The pic below is what they looked like before adding them… notice that they are all placed on a tulle backing. Also I don’t have a picture of the grosgrain ribbon, but I just tied a long bow and attched it to the side of the onesie after putting on the rosettes. See that layer of tulle just under the rosettes???  That is where you will make your stitches.  If you need to secure the rosettes even more then take a needle and thread and make an X through the middle of each rosette- individually.  This ensures that the rosettes will still stretch with the rest of the onesie.
Hand stich the rosettes to the collar of the onesie.  After that cut the sleeves off just enough so that there is enough material to make a double roll on the inside.
Turn the onesie inside out and roll the sleeves back.  (notice that this pic is not a double roll!!!) I ended up using a double roll though- so make note!  From there just sew around to secure the roll.
After sewing tie a ribbon tightly around the top of the sleeves with a bow.  Be careful to allow enough room for the head to get through!
Now it is finished!!! You have a beautiful outfit out of an old onesie!  Also notice the headband that I made with the leftover scraps and some pantyhose… maybe the tutorial for that will be next! :)
Happy Creating!

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  1. RACHEL!!!! I love this!!!! So adorable :) If this baby is a girl, I'm definitely doing this!
  2. Thanks! :) You can't tell very well from the pics, but this onesie had been through a lot! lol… :P
  3. This is so precious! My girls haven't been babies for a long time but I would have loved to have them wearing this. Great job. :)


  4. Thank you! :)
  5. Baker Family :
    I LOVE this! It makes me want a baby girl!

    I just gave you an award on my blog. Please come over and pick it up :)



  6. Thanks, although I can't access your blog…?
  7. This is the sweetest thing!!! Your work is amazing!!
  8. Heather-Paper Princess Studios :
    Oh my….this is fabulous!!! I am so going to make one (or two ;) for my lil sweet pea- Thanks for sharing…I LOVE it!
  9. Thanks! :)
  10. Lovely…… & Thanks Dear !!!:)
  11. Cutest onesie ever! I’ll be featuring and sending my readers your way!
  12. So cute! I love this! I have a question for you…I’ve used the same rosettes before and I got so frustrated trying to figure out how to sew then on I gave up and decided to use fabric glue. So my question is, how did you end up sewing them on? Did you sew over the rosettes, or is there a trick to it? Thanks!
    • Hi Miriam! The rosettes that I have have a layer of tulle right underneath the rosettes… This is the part that I sewed onto the onesie- please use a zig zig stitch- it needs to stretch. If you feel like the rosettes need some re-enforcement then you can take your needle and thread and sew a little X right in the middle of each rosette separately. I didn’t find a need to do this, but if you give it away this might be helpful. This tutorial was made 2 years ago…lol… My daughter has since worn it and I made another just like it. The rosettes do fray, but I think it adds to the effect. Let me know if you have any more questions! Thanks!
  13. This is just the most dear thing ever! Thanks for inspiring me. I am totally on this! :)
  14. Awww this is fantastic! absolutly love this cutie, i need a baby girl to sew for {boo hoo}
    New linky follower ;) hope you might pop by and visit us.

    Katie from

  15. LOVE it!

    I will say, if you sew tiny hems a lot, getting a pressor foot for your sewing machine that folds & sews it for you is well worth the money. I paid $50 for mine, so it was a bit pricey, but to not have to put all those silly pins in hems…yes, SO worth it.

    • Thanks for the suggestion! I have a really old machine, but maybe they make em still… I would love not having to pin all the time!
  16. How cute is this! My sister in law is having a girl…I have to make this!
    I’d love for you to share:
  17. This is really cute!! I LOVE that rosette trim and have used it multiple times for multiple projects, you can bet this will be my next one! :) Question: did you ever make a tutorial for the pantyhose headband? I looked through your tutorials and I didn’t see one, but maybe I missed it? I LOVE those types of headbands, but can’t seem to figure out how to make them. Thanks!! :)
    • Thank you! I did not follow up with the headband… sorry- that was 2 years ago and i was 9 months… I can just tell you though that it is very easy. I just took a pair of pink panty hose and cut off a leg. then i sewed the two ends together. I made mine about 13 inches around for a newborn. Then I just handstitched a few of the remaining rosettes where the seam was… then it was finished! hope that helps.. i know it’s better with a visual.
  18. If I wanted to buy that trim online, what would I call it? I checked our Joann’s and they didn’t know what I was talking about.
  19. I don’t even HAVE kids and that is just adorable! Just attended a baby shower and I wished I’d seen this sooner. Waaaay too cute….Pin’d ya, too Ü
  20. This is so adorable. I saw it over at A Girl and a Glue Gun. I love that you repurposed this onesie! This would be adorable with even a brand new one though. :)
  21. featured this today at my blog!
  22. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Now I just have to actually find a baby to actually make this for! haha! You should totally enter this project in Craftbaby’s ‘Upcycle Challenge’!
  23. Mary Simmons :
    Did you sew the rosette trim around the back of the onesie as well, or just on the front?


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